PE Rules and Grading Guidelines

Please help remind your child of the following P.E. rules. 
P.E. Dress Code:
1.  As a safety measure, students must participate in tennis shoes during P.E. No open-toe, boots, backless, high platforms, Crocs, slip-on style shoes, or open top shoes please (the entire top of the foot must be covered).  Shoes must be tied; tucking in loose laces can cause shoes to "fly" off feet and injure your child or others.
2.  Encourage your child to wear comfortable clothing and socks each day.
3.  If a dress or skirt is worn, please have your child wear shorts or leggings underneath.
*These are for your child's safety and it would be greatly appreciated that you help encourage your child to be dressed appropriately every day for PE.
P.E. Rules:
1.  Be Kind
~Keep hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.
~Use kind words when speaking to others.
2.  Be Respectful
~Raise your hand to speak and only one person speaking at a time.
~Only touch/play with equipment when instructed to and don’t tear it up.
3.  Be Responsible
~Everyone participates.
~Come to P.E. prepared (wearing the correct shoes).
~Follow directions when given including being safe at all times.
4.  Be Safe

P.E. Behavior Plan

If a student chooses not to obey the rules, the following consequences will apply.  We use three strikes and you are out of the activity.  If the behavior is serious enough it can go straight to strike three, you're out.
First Offense Strike One:
  Visual and/or Verbal Warning.
Second Offense Strike Two:  Teachers will make a note in Class Dojo and behavior grade will be lowered by grading scale per incident in each six weeks.
Third Offense Strike Three:
  Teachers will make a note in Class Dojo.  Also, the student will either have a phone call or e-mail sent home to parent/guardian.

P.E. Grading:
Class Dojo will be used for attendance purposes and to track negative behavior.  Teachers will make a note in Class Dojo for conduct that is not allowed in P.E.  Behavior/conduct grades will be based on the number of negative points each 6 weeks.  This will also apply to participation grade if a student chooses not to participate or chooses not to do alternative assignment. 
E = Excellent                        0-2
S = Satisfactory                    3-5
N = Needs Improvement       6-8
U = Unsatisfactory                9 + and severe issues.

*For each time a student receives an N or U for a conduct grade for the six weeks in P.E. they will have to sit out a station during Field Day.