Grades in Art

Grades in ART 

What does my grade mean in art? 
(This is all discussed with the students in class.) 


An "S' means 'Satisfactory', an 'S' means 'on target student'.  An 'S' in Art  or Art Conduct will not keep a student from the A or A/B Honor Roll.


An 'E' means 'Excellent' or an extraordinary student.   

An 'N' means 'Needs Improvement'.  You would receive a note home if there is an ongoing issue that you and I are not able to resolve without your parent's help.


Grades are based on 3 criteria:  product, process and progress. 

Product means the finished artwork- does it reflect new techniques learned, does it show your personal creativity even as you followed the teacher's guidelines? 

Process refers to how you worked- did you use proper procedures, did you try new techniques? 

Progress is about how far you've grown, did you push yourself a little bit beyond what you already can comfortably do?


You will receive 2 grades from the art teacher:


The conduct grade is based on your behavior and how you conduct yourself while in art class.

 How do you get an 'E' in Art conduct?

1.  Always watch and listen during teacher demonstrations.

2.  Always participate with a positive and helpful attitude in class discussions or group activities.

3.  Always follow directions and procedures.

4.  Always use self-control and self-motivation.


The art grade is based on your work on a class project which typically exposes the student to a new type of artwork, a new technique or a new media.

How do you get an 'E' in Art?

1.  Always follow directions, try new techniques and procedures.

2.  Always use lesson guidelines and bring your own personal touch to your work. (Be creative!)

3.  Always demonstrate your ability as the lesson requires and then work/explore beyond the guidelines.  (Be creative!)



From the Northwest ISD grading guidelines for Art, Music and PE:

 "The art grade can be E, S, N or U.  To receive an E (Excellent) in art you do excellent work that is above standard consistently (all the time).  An S (satisfactory) grade means that you meet the standard expectations consistently.  An N (Needs Improvement) grade means that you work below standard expectations but that you are making progress.  A U (Unsatisfactory) grade is for those who perform below expectations all the time.  This grade will not be given unless I have contacted the principal and the parent."


If you see 3% - don't panic! - it is the equivalent of an E, 2% means an S, 1% = N, 0% = U


I hope this answers your questions about what the art grades mean.  Be sure to talk to the art teacher if you have any questions!